Upcoming Programs

Program, Tuesday, May 14th—Jerry M. Lovato, P.E., Executive Engineer, Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA). Mr. Lovato will be speaking about Albuquerque’s flood control coverage, Albuquerque’s need for water, water sources, water reuse, and more.

Program, Tuesday June 11th–Kim O’Roark, of Home Care Assistance, who spoke to us in January, is returning.

Program, Tuesday, July 9th–Square Dancers demonstrating the precision and beauty of the dance. It will include an invitation to the members in the audience to form squares and dance.


These programs are part of the Coronado Thunderbirds General Monthly Meetings, which are held at the Mountain View Club on KAFB. Social time begins at 11:00 am, when you may purchase a meal for $10.00 per person. The business portion of the meeting starts at Noon, then the program begins afterwards.